I went to eat kathiew and watch Child’s Play on a whim with Johnny. I didn’t care for it. It was a weak attempt at spinning new technologies like Alexa and Siri into horror, and while I understand that, I just couldn’t get over how underplayed it all was. It didn’t have the same effect as the older films. I then went to get Halo halo at a new sweets shop with Tony. I never had it, but it was actually good. I just couldn’t handle how much there was, maybe 18 ounces. I couldn’t even finish the jellies at the bottom. It was a peculiar afternoon. It was bright and blue with fluffy clouds for most of the morning, but by two scattered showers, AND HAIL, poured heavily for a few minutes before letting up again. At the mall I finally got the resistance band to start on some at home workouts. I also got a to-do notepad. (Yes, again, lol. But I’m using it, I know this!) I’m hoping for this opportunity to open itself up to me. I want to accept it as my own! I’m going to try working on that law of attraction and combine it with patience and trust. I think I can do it, but more importantly I feel I can do it.

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